Meet Darold

Growing up in rural Central Louisiana, Darold spent many days around a country pond. His love affair with Toledo Bend started nearly 20 years ago as he would spend weekends at the lake with his future in-laws. During college, nearly every weekend was spent at Toledo Bend. Back then there was no such thing as high school or college fishing tours and whether he was casting off the pier or from the back of his father in law's boat, he was a happy man.  Recalling his memory of  buying his first boat shortly after graduating college, getting married, and getting his first job truly brings a smile to his face. Darold's great passion for fishing grew, consuming his thoughts and any idle time.  Darold  was absolutely willing to put in more hours and sweat equityneeded to be able compete with those that had fished on the same waters for decades. After 10 years of tournament fishing, his dream of South Toledo Bend Guide Service and competing on a national level became a reality. "What an absolute blessing to love what you do and to spend nearly every sunrise and sunset on the waters of Toledo bend.  There's an indescribable feeling of helping another person experience that BIG Catch or experiencing that for yourself just one more time."

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